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Best Prices Guaranteed

Welcome to Best Prices Guaranteed, where UK customers can book hotel stays at the best prices as guaranteed by leading UK and international hotel chains and booking services.

Book hotels at the lowest prices

When booking hotels, you can easily end up paying over the odds. The good news is that, with our help, you could save a packet compared to what other guests may have paid to stay at the same hotel on the same dates.

Hotels often offer their very best rates to customers who book direct and online. Many such deals are backed by best price guarantees from the hotels, providing great peace of mind.

Our site provides fast, easy access to direct deals from a number of leading hotel chains that offer the best prices guaranteed at a wide range of hotels across the UK and many other countries world-wide. So whether you're planning a short break or a longer hotel stay, you can book with confidence at some of the very best prices via our site.

Click a brand for more details including how each hotel's best price guarantee works, tips on getting hotel benefits like free room upgrades and to book direct online:

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Cheap hotel prices and discounts

When viewing the best prices in search results, take care to read both the terms of the hotel's best price guarantee and their other booking conditions.

Some of the best prices may, for example, require advance payment and/or be non-refundable in the event of you needing to cancel. Hotels may also offer the same room types and dates with a choice of inclusions, booking conditions and prices, enabling you to pick whichever best suits your needs.

Be sure also to check our hotel pages for discount codes, which can offer extra price savings on hotel bookings. Discount offers change frequently and run for limited periods, so our hotel pages are updated accordingly.

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